I suppose it is about time for a baby update, huh? 

At almost 19 weeks, baby gets bigger every single day. 

Most baby websites compare the size of my baby to a fruit or vegetable, which can be fun, but also a bit silly. Baby is currently a bell pepper but we all know bell peppers aren't all the same size so this comparison doesn't always work. Instead, I use this fetal length and weight chart and try to find a common object to compare baby's size to. This week, baby is 6-7 inches long which is about the length of a dollar bill. 


Baby weighs 7-8 ounces and is busy twisting, kicking, and stretching - although I really haven't felt much movement yet. I've heard of people say they've seen their baby doing zumba in their ultrasounds -- my kiddo is always just laying there. He or she waved at my mom and I at the last appointment, though! We just have a really chill kid. Let's hope that behavior sticks around for the toddler years. (Yeah, right.) Yawns and hiccuping are part of daily life for little one who now has their own unique set of toe and fingerprints. Some research suggests that the baby is able to hear sounds now, including my voice. (sourcesource)

I decided the fact that the baby can hear me is just the cutest thing, so I decided to strike up some small talk.

So...hey, I'm Emily, er...your mom. Duh, you already knew that.
{and then things got awkward...and I rambled on something like this...} 
How's it going? How am I doing? You comfy in there? Did you know your daddy flies planes? His plane goes real fast and is real loud. We have a dog, her name is Elle. You've heard her bark. You're her worst nightmare. But don't worry, mommy and daddy love you very much. And you live in Germany! Well, right now you live in my belly, but in November you're moving to Germany. The language is kind of confusing and we don't expect you to learn it. They say you might like music, you got any song requests? If you hear a song that you like, just kick twice or something. I can't sing very good but I'll try. 
{I then proceeded to sing "I'll Love you Forever" and it was so off key that I was embarrassed and apologized. I think I'll stick to reading books aloud instead.}

You always hear about how mothers talk so sweetly to their unborn baby and play classical music through a set of headphones on their belly. As it turns out, my life isn't a movie and I don't have the slightest clue what to say to my kid and his or her first exposure to music was worse than ten screeching violins. Maybe I'll give it another go in a few days, but for now, I'll hum along with the radio and just check in every now and then to see how things are going in there.

I like to do a weekly survey (that I've seen done on other blogs) to send to the Viper Pilot along with a belly picture so he doesn't miss a thing. Here is an excerpt from last week's survey...

How I'm feeling: 
Still doing great! I get winded really easily, dizzy if I am dehydrated or hungry, an occasional headache, and I have to tinkle a lot (at least 2-3 times each night). I can eat like a pig. You should see the amount of food I can put away...

Total weight gain: 
2 pounds

I make sure to get my sweat on 3-4 times a week (cardio, strength, yoga, dance, running).

Spicy foods (but my tolerance is lower) specifically Thai food, olives, pasta, fruit, orange juice

Uncooked meat, raw eggs (can eat both if I don't have to cook them), fish

Suspicions on gender: 
Still girl, but I have days every now and then when I really don't have a clue. And really, I don't.

The deployment has taught me to be pretty resilient and tough, but lately things have been rough and my hormones have gotten the best of me several times. Between the flat tire, water heater breaking, my mom leaving, no hot showers for 4 days, seeing the poor dead duck on the road, and hearing sad songs on the radio...I cry often.

What I'm looking forward to:
Celebrating the 4th of July with friends, my appointment next week, being 3 months done with the deployment, and I absolutely can't wait for my friend Kristin's visit next month!!

What I'm reading this week:
The Shape of a Mother. While my evolving self-image is mostly positive - I can't believe my body is capable of something so miraculous - my body is going through a lot of changes. It can be tough in some ways, too. I've recently discovered The Shape of a Mother {warning: lots of nudity so not safe for work} on a daily basis to remind myself that moms come in all shapes and sizes, and no mater what my stomach or butt  or whatever ends up looking like, it's okay. This child will be worth every stretch mark, I'll be the tiger who earned her stripes! I have the utmost respect for these BRAVE moms who share their beautiful bodies and their stories. I personally think that all women - not just moms - should check it out!


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    I also cannot wait to come visit you!! :)